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How to Send Disappearing Photos on Telegram [2024]

Discover how to use Telegram's disappearing messages and secret chats for ultimate privacy. Keep your messages safe and private with these simple steps!

Muhammad Ramadhan
Muhammad Ramadhan
July 5, 2024
2 minutes

Telegram lets you send photos that disappear after a while. This keeps your chats private. This guide will show you how to send these photos, and how to use Telegram's secret chat for even more privacy.

What are Disappearing Messages?

Disappearing messages on Telegram are a cool way to keep your chats private. You can send texts, pictures, or videos that disappear after a certain time. It's like sending a secret message that disappears on its own!  This is great for sharing things you don't want to keep around forever, like private information or funny pictures with friends. It's super easy to do, just follow the steps below.

Disappearing Photos

Ready to send your first disappearing photo? Here’s how:

1. Open a chat: Start a conversation with the person you want to send the photo to.

2. Choose the photo: Tap the paperclip icon and pick the photo you want to send.

3. Set a timer: Tap the clock icon near the caption box before sending. You can choose how long the photo stays visible after it's seen, or you can make it disappear after one view.

4. Send: Tap the send button and your photo will disappear after the time you set, or after it's been viewed once.

Secret Chat

Telegram's Secret Chat gives you even more privacy. Here's why:

  • Secret Messages: Your messages are locked, so only you and the other person can see them.
  • No Screenshots: Nobody can take pictures of your secret chats.
  • Messages that Disappear: You can set a timer to make your messages disappear after the other person reads them.

How to Start a Secret Chat:

  1. Open a chat: Start talking to the person you want to chat secretly with.
  2. Go to their profile: Tap their picture or name.
  3. Start Secret Chat: Tap the three dots and then "Start Secret Chat."


By using disappearing photos and secret chat, you can keep your Telegram messages and photos private, and decide how long you want them to last.

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