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How To Share Telegram Links in 2024

Learn how to share Telegram links efficiently in 2024. Discover steps to share group, channel, profile, and bot links securely, plus best practices!

Muhammad Ramadhan
Muhammad Ramadhan
July 10, 2024
4 minutes

Telegram is a popular messaging app. It is fast, secure, and easy to use. One of its best features is the ability to share Telegram links. These links make it easy for users to join groups, channels, profiles, and bots. Sharing these links is often more efficient and secure than using other messaging apps.

There are different types of Telegram links, each with a specific use. In this article, we will explain how to share Telegram group links, Telegram channel links, profile links, and bot links. By the end, you will know the differences between public and private groups and channels, what tradeable usernames are, and the best practices for sharing links.

How to Share Your Telegram Links: Easy Steps

Sharing Telegram links is a straightforward process that allows you to connect with others easily. Whether you want to share a group, channel, profile, or bot link, each type serves a specific purpose. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to share different types of Telegram links.

Note: If you copy a link using the Telegram desktop or web version, it will be a URL. However, if you copy a link through the Telegram app on Android or iOS, it will only be the username.

Telegram Share Link Generator

The Telegram Share Link Generator is a tool that simplifies the process of sharing your Telegram group or channel links. This generator helps you create links quickly and efficiently.

Steps to Use the Telegram Share Link Generator:

  1. Visit the Tool: Open your browser and go to Telegram Share Link Generator.
  2. Enter Details: Input the necessary details such as the group or channel name.
  3. Generate Link: Click on the "Generate Link" button to create your Telegram share link.
  4. Copy and Share: Copy the generated link and share it on your preferred platforms like chats, websites, or social media.
  5. Bonus Tip: Use the direct share feature to quickly share your link within Telegram or other apps.
Telegram Share Link Generator

Group Invite Link

Sharing group links helps grow your community and connect with like-minded people. You can revoke the link anytime to restrict access.

Steps to Share a Telegram Group Link:

  1. Navigate to Your Group: Open your Telegram app, find your group, and tap its name at the top.
  2. Locate the "Invite" Option: Tap the "Add Members" button.
  3. Share the link: Hit "Invite to Group via Link" and then "Copy" to snag that unique URL. Paste it wherever your audience hangs out – chats, websites, social media, you name it.
  4. Bonus tip: You can also directly share the link within Telegram using the "Share Link" button or generate a QR code (tap the three dots on the "Invite link" screen).

Channel Invite Link

Telegram channels are great for broadcasting messages to a large audience. You can also create a custom link for easier sharing.

Steps to Share a Telegram Channel Link:

  1. Navigate to Your Channel: Open your Telegram app, find your channel, and tap its name at the top.
  2. Locate the "Invite via Link" button: Tap the "Subscribers" button.
  3. Share the link: Hit "Invite via Link" and then "Copy" to snag that unique URL. Paste it wherever your audience hangs out – chats, websites, social media, you name it. You can also generate a QR code (tap the three dots on the "Invite Links" screen).
  4. Bonus tip: You can add someone in Telegram directly using the "Add subscribers" button in the “Subscribers” screen.

Important Considerations for Paid Private Groups and Channels (InviteMember Users)

To maintain the privacy and monetization structure of your paid private group and channel, avoid sharing the direct invite link with potential members. Instead, direct them to your membership bot's username or URL.

User Profile Link

Sharing your profile link helps new contacts find and message you directly on Telegram.

Steps to Share Your Telegram Profile Link:

  1. Go to Your Profile: Open your Telegram app, tap the three burger icon on the top left, and tap your profile picture.
  2. Get your username: Long tap your username until a copied notification appears on the screen.
  3. Add the Telegram short link to your username: If you’re using an Android or iOS, you will need to manually add “” before your username. E.g. my username is @YogaMemberBot, so my link will be
  4. Share the link: Once you added the short link and copied the whole link, you can share your link with people outside and inside Telegram!
  5. Bonus Tip: You can also generate a QR code by tapping the QR icon on the top-right of your profile.

Bots Link

Bots can perform various tasks, such as providing news updates or facilitating transactions, making them valuable tools for Telegram users.

Steps to Share a Telegram Bot Link:

  1. Find the bot: If the bot is not yet in your chat, find it using the Search function. You can type “@InviteMemberBot”.
  2. Open the bot profile: You can do this by tapping on the bot profile picture or name.
  3. Copy the username: Copy the username by tapping on the username. There will be a small ‘copied’ notification.
  4. Or use the share feature: After you open the profile, tap on the three dots top right, and choose Share.

Telegram Link & QR Code Generator

The Telegram Link & QR Code Generator is a versatile tool that allows you to create both share links and QR codes for your Telegram groups, channels, profiles, or bots. This makes sharing even more accessible.

Steps to Use the Telegram Link & QR Code Generator:

  1. Visit the Tool: Open your browser and go to Telegram Link & QR Code Generator.
  2. Input Information: Enter the relevant details like your group, channel, profile, or bot username.
  3. Generate Link and QR Code: Click on the "Generate Link & QR Code" button to create your link and QR code.
  4. Copy and Share: Copy the generated link and download the QR code image to share it wherever needed.
  5. Bonus Tip: Display the QR code at events or on printed materials for easy scanning and joining.
Telegram Chat Link & QR Code Generator

The Difference Between Public and Private Groups and Channels

Understanding the difference between public and private groups and channels is key to sharing links effectively on Telegram. Public groups and channels have usernames, making them searchable and accessible to anyone. This means that anyone with the link can join or subscribe without an invitation, making them ideal for reaching a broad audience and promoting public content.

On the other hand, private groups and channels do not have usernames and cannot be found through search. They require an invitation link to join, offering more security and exclusivity. Messages and member lists in private groups and channels are only visible to invited members, providing a higher level of privacy. Choose the type that best suits your needs based on the level of privacy and control you desire.

For more detailed information on Telegram private channels and groups, and to learn how to monetize your private channel and group, you can read this article.

Tradeable Usernames

Telegram offers the unique feature of tradeable usernames, allowing users to buy, sell, and auction their usernames through the platform called Fragment. Built on The Open Network (TON), this system brings flexibility and ownership to usernames, similar to domain names on the internet. Users participate in auctions using Toncoin, ensuring secure and transparent transactions recorded on the blockchain.

Tradeable usernames can be bought in auctions where the highest bidder wins, and owners can sell their usernames by setting a minimum bid. This process leverages blockchain technology to maintain a permanent and secure record of ownership, aligning with the principles of decentralization and transparency.

For more detailed insights on tradeable usernames and how to participate in the auctions, check out the full article: Unraveling Telegram Usernames: From Basic to Collectible.

Best Practices and Common Pitfalls of Sharing Links

Sharing Telegram links effectively can help you connect with the right audience and grow your community. However, there are best practices to follow and common pitfalls to avoid. Here are some key points to consider:

Best Practices

  • Use Clear and Descriptive Links: Make sure your links clearly describe your group, channel, profile, or bot so people know what to expect.
  • Share in Relevant Places: Post your links in forums, social media, and communities related to your content to attract interested members.
  • Shorten and Customize Links: Use URL shorteners to create clean, professional-looking links that are easy to share and remember.
  • Maintain Privacy and Security: For private groups and channels, share the links only with trusted individuals to maintain exclusivity and security.

Common Pitfalls

  • Spamming Links: Avoid over-posting links in unrelated groups or forums to prevent being reported for spam.
  • Ignoring Privacy Settings: If you accidentally share a private group or channel link publicly, it could compromise the privacy of your members.
  • Overlooking Link Management: Not keeping track of where you have shared your links can lead to confusion and missed opportunities.
  • Neglecting to Engage: Engage with potential members by providing information and answering questions.
  • Failure to Monitor Security: Be cautious of phishing and scams with links in your groups.

By following these tips and avoiding mistakes, you can effectively share Telegram links and build a strong community. Always prioritize member security and privacy, and refine your sharing strategy for the best results.

Wrapping Up

Sharing Telegram links is a powerful way to expand your network, connect with others, and utilize the app's full potential. Whether you're sharing a group, channel, profile, or bot link, understanding the nuances of each type is essential. By following best practices and being aware of common pitfalls, you can effectively and securely share Telegram links.

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