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How to Get Verified on Telegram in 2024

Want to get your Telegram channel, group, or bot verified in 2024? Learn all about how it's done, today!

Muhammad Ramadhan
Muhammad Ramadhan
July 5, 2024
3 minutes

Telegram verification shows people your channel, group, or bot is official. It's like a stamp of approval that helps you get more followers and stand out. If you own a channel or make bots, this guide will show you how to get verified.

Why Verification Matters

Being verified means you've followed Telegram's rules and are active and influential. This gives you:

  • More trust: People are more likely to join and use verified channels.
  • Better visibility: Your channel will be easier to find in searches.
  • Extra features: Verified channels get special tools and information.

How to Get Verified

To verify your channels, groups, or bots, you have to follow Telegram’s guidelines.

Here's a breakdown to guide you.

  • Meet the Basics:
    • Be Active: Maintain consistent activity on your channel, group, or bot.
    • Link Social Media: Have at least two verified accounts on other platforms (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, VK, or Snapchat).
    • Notability Check: Secure at least two news articles from reputable sources that mention your entity.
  • Submit a Request:
    • Use the @VerifyBot on Telegram to start the verification process.
Telegram Verify Bot

Alternative Verification Paths

If you don't have a strong social media presence, there are other ways to get verified:

  • Wikipedia Page: Your Telegram channel, group, or bot needs its own Wikipedia page. The page must be undisputed, and It must follow Wikipedia's rules, explain why you're important, and link to your Telegram.
  • Organization Website: If you're an organization, make sure your website clearly links to your Telegram channel or bot.
  • Being Notable: For both these options, you need to be "notable," which means being important or well-known. If you have a Wikipedia page, your channel needs to be talked about a lot on other reliable websites. For organizations, being notable means having a good reputation.

These other ways to get verified are good for all sorts of channels, groups, and bots. They give you more chances to get that special blue checkmark, even if your channel or bot is different or does something special.

Special Case: Verified User Accounts

Telegram usually doesn't verify personal accounts, but there are some exceptions for famous people or groups with unique badges. This is rare and only for very well-known people or organizations.

Adding a Verification-Like Blue Tick

Even if you're not officially verified, you can add a blue checkmark-like emoji to your username. It's a visual cue that can enhance your perceived credibility.

Important Note: This isn't official verification, and you should be transparent with your audience about it. For detailed instructions, check out our blog post on adding a blue tick mark with custom emojis.


Telegram verification is a valuable asset for channel owners and developers. While the process requires effort, the benefits in terms of trust, visibility, and features are significant. If you're ready to take your Telegram presence to the next level, start working towards verification today.

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